Post-Wedding Advice from your Engagement

A big congratulations are in order for your Engagement! It’s a magical time to think that someone finally wants to spend the rest of their life with you. The chosen one. But what happens after the freshness of engagement wears out? We created a short list of post-engagement to do’s just in case some of you are a little unsure of how to organise your big day and bring everyone together. So sit back, and let our wedding editors explain:

I’m Engaged, but how do I plan a wedding?

Tell your family before you tell the world

If you haven’t gotten engaged the traditional way i.e in front of your family and friends, then it’s probably for th best you let them know first before you excitably post it online. There is nothing worse than your family accidentally hearing it from your friend’s mums friends because they’ve seen it online. At this stage, it’s just etiquette, and your close family and friends will be the ones that help you through this post-wedding time.

Get Your Rings Insured

We’ve been wedding planning for over 20 years, so it’s no surprise that wedding rings have either become damaged, haven’t been resized or classically lost prior to the big day. These rings not only hold a memory for you and your partner, but they can also carry a large price tag. With a wedding potentially costing you money you’ve had to save for, an additional ring expense is far from desirable. So make your day less stressful by just insuring it as quick as possible! We have an editor on our team that still refuses to resize her wedding ring, which means we often find it lying around and on some occasions… It’s also fallen in the loo or the bin so resizing is a MUST.

Be Realistic About What You’ll Wear

Traditional is commonly the best bet with your wedding outfits. Not just for you, but for your guests too. Fashion is fantastic, and the UK thrives in the latest looks and designs. But what might be ‘trendy’ now, probably won’t look that ‘fabulous’ later down the line. Be you in your outfit, be comfortable and be beautiful. On our venue, the terrain is a mix of all sorts so we’re always prepared for the weather including changes of footwear! When your venue is sat on a Napoleonic Fort at the highest point of the Rame Peninsula, you can never guarantee the day. Which is in essence, the beauty of it.

Decide a Rough Date or Season

We hold tonnes of out-door ceremonies because we’re in Cornwall. We’re all about the natural environment, beauty in the rain, wind, sun and sometimes fog and snow! But we’re always prepared for it, which is why we always give the option of an indoor area. We’ve had some gorgeous ceremonies in the worst of weathers, and they’ve created the most memorable days, but we’re aware that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. The Vaults Chambers that ooze Victorian charm and quaintness give those the chance to escape the weather and nestle down.

Commonly outdoor weddings are either in the peaks of Summer or Winter. But if you’re thinking of a wedding in the rainy seasons, you might want to think about accommodation and how far it will take those to travel to the venue in the rain, footwear, jackets and it can go on. So make sure you always think – Just In case It Rains.

The Wedding Parties

Each guest will cost you money. And each important guest will cost you even more. And we know that a wedding isn’t about the money it’s about love… but realistically you’ve got to have a budget in mind. If you’re deciding on the classic individual wedding parties, you need to plan on how big they will be and how much you can afford. On average and engagement can be from 12 – 24 months to make sure your friends really are your friends so you’re not let down.

Don’t let your ideas be squashed

Your wedding day means your wedding day. It’s simple.
Our editors and planners have taken on weddings originally planned by external planners that have ended up being that little bit controlling. It’s incredibly common for someone who ‘knows best’ to tell you how to run your day. But don’t worry we’re not that type of venue, and we don’t employ those mottos either. If you want that boho style wedding, with the wind in your hair and rugged charm of the natural landscape then you make that happen. We’ve got your back.

Don’t let your family and friends run the show either. This is about you and your partner, combining both of your wishes. You will realise that sometimes your friends might become a little opinionated about your day, so try not to get too stressed about it, follow your plan.

Remember to Say ‘Thank You’

Another simple yet effective gesture is thank-you cards. Some of your family and guests might have traveled incredibly far for your wedding day so as a goodwill it’s easy to just say a little thank-you. There is nothing worse than letting guests pay a fortune to come to a wedding without even being thanked right? There are plenty of companies and independent businesses that make the most stunning thank-you cards, if you venture more locally you can have a better relationship with the design process.

If you’re ready to take the step into the world of wedding planning, get to know our team and partners and see what they can do for you, with you.

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