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9 Outdoor Summer Wedding Tips with Pics

  • The summer brings an influx of outdoor wedding requests, but predicting the weather in the UK can be a little brave. This is why you should always have an indoor optionally back up, or at least plan for one. If it’s not poor weather, it could be that it might be too warm for your guests to be outside, so regardless having a sheltered option to provide weather protection and shade is a sensible idea.
  • Match your colour theme and palette to the season, gorgeous shades of pastel make the green grass stand out and the blue sea. Light colours mean that statement pieces can really pop, especially if you’re thinking of a floral arbour or ribbons on wooden seats.

Summer Wedding Guest Options

  • A lovely addition for guests can be the simplest suggestion of a fan. You can get customised fans made for your guests, placed on their seats so they can use them and take them away for memories sake. Another summer cooling idea can be none alcoholic frozen drinks for before the ceremony, this way everyone can enjoy them and you can decorate them to the max too! You can give your guests little welcome bags that include sunscreen for those long outdoor days, sunglasses and even optional parasols.
  • Unfortunately, outdoor weddings can bring out those summer bugs! Some great tricks are placing citronella, cinnamon, rosemary and/or lemongrass candles around the aisle. You can also have these hanging from chairs which can really create a vintage look. The summer sun can also mean hot bums on seats, depending on your chair type adding little cushions or covers to them can really help make your guests extra comfortable.

Summer Food & Drink Ideas

  • Having lots of iced water on hand can be incredibly beneficial especially if you’ve picked one of the hottest days of the year! Style the iced water out in pretty glasses with slices of lemon, lime, orange and even grapefruit. Service chilled white wine, rose or bubbly cocktails these can be a pre-prepared drink that can help you budget the cost of an open bar and give you more control over the amount your guests can drink.
  • The summer means that you can avoid stodgy food that may make your guests feel hot and bothered! You can introduce an ice-cream station or ask the chef to create a summer friendly dessert with chilly fruit treats and sorbet. Or for the adults mix your ice with alcohol infusions that make the taste buds tickle, this is perfect for a warm evening option!

Summer Flowers & Keeping Them Fresh!

  • Pick your flowers that can cope with direct sunlight and hold their pose. Lilies, orchids and pretty summer flowers such as roses and sunflowers can be gorgeous statement making options (they also smell great!). To make them stay prominent, cut the stems of your bouquet so they can keep drinking up water, ideally, the bouget should be of single bloom so you can guarantee longevity.
  • If you’re deciding on eating outdoors too, make sure the centrepiece flowers are watered from the vase and not spritzed. Spraying the flowers in direct sunlight can actually burn the petals and turn your flowers brown!  To keep handheld flowers fresh all day, it might be a good idea to pop them in a fridge or cool place in-between key moments of the weddings.
  • Pinterest and Instagram have thousands of stunning wedding hairstyles that intertwine flowers. These look fantastic in pictures but be realistic. Flowers need water to survive and if they’re without for even a short amount of time, the chances of them wilting and drying up are incredibly high! opt for realistic false flowers, that way you can do whatever you like to them, and they’ll look fresh all day.

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